Friday, January 19, 2007

Defeating the Illusion of Fear

Webster defines fear unpleasant emotions associated with the expectation and awareness of the danger. But if we are honest with ourselves many times expectation of an illusion produced by emotions of fear itself.

What is the emotion?

Emotions produces chemicals mixed Gray gland in the brain. Feelings were identified as holographic imprint chemicals that reinforce long-term memories.
God has given us the spirit of fear.

Case, he said that God has given us the spirit of fear, because fear is not the spirit but of your natural reason and emotion. Modern English version did give us an understanding of what God said through the writer.

2Ti 1:7 sheet Holy Spirit does not make cowards of us. Spirit gives us power, love and self-control.

Indeed, I believe that the fear of the spirit and of itself as we saw in the past but may be gateway for demonic influence. When you submit your mind to God; No thoughts without fear of being motions.

The first step would release the fear is to be recognized as such. Write your deepest fear of a piece of notebook paper in large bold print. In some cases, the negative fear the dissolution by simply understood how stupid they are and how they really do not you.

Confirmation disprove fears

(Remember and say this aloud or approval in your mind, Faced with fear)

"God has not given me the spirit of fear, Therefore, it was only an illusion products in my view to keep me in the life God has promised me! I will not fear for God's mercy and goodness follow me, as God's Word went before me to sleep on my path.

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