Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My Numero Uno Blog Post

Blogging of a way or another one for a pair of years, but each blog (until this one) has been a place to simply remain itself in contact with my friends and family or things of registry that it would forget to me around another way. My first blog was travelogue, registering each detail on trips that I took and the places I visited so it could remember them when the friends requested. My second blog continues being (class of) active and lives in Yahoo! 360. That blog is really for my friends and family and behind schedule has centered in the work who I am doing in my patio of the back patio (huh exciting).

So now blog comes this new. This time, I am trying something new - blog that could be really read by people which I do not know personally (yet). And I will be probably centered in more matter on my professional life and the industry of tech and the Internet in great.

My goals for this blog:

1. To write down my thoughts - I constantly who think of things, but they are "in an ear and towards outside the other". He wanted to have an excuse and a place to capture those

2. To be a better writer - they say that to make writer better than you need to write more. so there.

3. At least two posts to the week - acceptable, so I am pointing low point, only I to wish to really make it beyond my third post

What you will see here:

1. Things that I am learning around, specially more in being the effective one in charge

2. Things that I am asking - would love raising questions and obtaining to the thoughts of you all

3. Boastfulness on my fellow workers - there is as much fresh matter that it happens in the work that it would love sharing

4. Remarkable matter in the industry of tech/de the Internet - I will not be generally the first one to indicate things towards outside, but that esperanzadamente I will add an interesting thought or two.

What you will not see here:

1. Secret matter on Yahoo! the strategy or what I could potentially become strategy - is a paranoico of the small piece on sharing something that the competitors could use to our disadvantage.

2. Trashing my company, competitors or other companies - the enough people are good in that one, I will try to be centered in the good matter (although I will not be able sometimes to be contained)

In any case, I have written enough, I wait for enjoyments of which you read here and more importantly, I you hope that joints the conversation. To use that form of commentary down there.

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